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9 months

Quick update once again... if my life ever slowed down it'd be nice.

Tonight is the Sparkle! Lock-In. I'm excited. I've been here at the office since 4 though answering a billion calls from parents/students. I'm addicted to facebook.

I'm willing to be late for work tomorrow in order to see Serenity. I'm upset I didn't get to see it today, the opening day. But I'll live. I hope it does really well, I want there to be another and then another and then another... haha. We can stop there because I want Joss to finish Buffy/Angel!!!! He probably never will though... so I'll just sit here and cry.

Bones, the new show with David Boreanez, is really good. It's about forensic anthropology, fun stuff. I was disappointed with last night's Smallville and wanted to punch Clark for not going back before sundown. Idiot. hehe. I love my shows. I love DVR, I can watch my shows on my own time, otherwise I would never be able to watch them. I'm hooked on House, Bones, old Angel eps, Family Guy, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Real World, Laguna Beach, and I'm going to start taping Related next week... that's a lot more than I thought. Dang. At least I can fast forward through them to make them a whole lot shorter.

I got an e-mail saying that Dr. Dirksen recommended for me to tutor in my Cultural Anthropology class. I was excited, he thinks I'm smart.

Welp.. that was a little longer than expected... the phone has stopped ringing momentarily. whew.

9 months since our first date! Woo hoo!
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