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Why in the world do they make it sooooo cold in the computer lab?!?

Neways... Here's my past few days...

Thursday I got sick before first class, but I had a paper due in that class that I hadn't typed neways so I took the time to type it and turned it in after it was over. In my second class, foundations, we reviewed and went over the Greeks. Then I met up with Alan, who happened to be really sick. I then left for my Modern Europe class, then Sparkle, then bought Alan medicine, then took an exam in my computer class. Before my computer class Alan's mom called, wanting me to take Alan to a doctor. So when I got out of my computer class I went straight to his apartment to give him his medicine, but he had a really bad fever and looked awful so I took him to the ER. He was soooo pitiful, it was awful. He was dehydrated so they hooked him up to IV's to give him some fluids. Amy Beth and Mary Kathryn showed up first for moral support and Amy Beth sang to Alan. :) Not long after they left Rebekah and Kelly stopped by. Then after the Starlite meeting Amy Beth, Rebekah, and Kelly came by again, along with MJ and Jill. It was really nice to have so much support, I really hate hospitals and I wanted to throw up the whole time, on top of being soooo upset and worried about Alan. I hated him being so sick.

Friday he was getting better so I left for Ohio... About an hour after I left he started getting really sick so I called Amy Beth to check on him. She ended up taking care of him the whole weekend for me. I am so blessed to have such great friends. I felt awful for not being the one to take care of him though, but home was really great. It was nice to see all my friends again, and since Alan didn't get to go we are going to go home on Fall Break.

I could say more... but it's time to go!
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