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long time no see

I haven't updated in awhile... Everything is still goin great. I got a new laptop, finally! It's really nice. Alan got a laptop for Christmas too. Christmas was great. Alan got me a very very gorgeous diamond necklace. It's one with three diamonds, called the triple threat I guess. I got a whole bunch of Scene It's for Christmas too, the regular, music, and Harry Potter. Along with much much more. Friday it'll be a year since mine and Alan's first date. We celebrated it yesterday by doing the same thing, except we missed the movie due to a long wait at Applebee's. Tomorrow Leslie, Alan, and I are cooking candies at Gramma Desi's. We're making buckeyes and chocolate fudge. Angie (Fordyce) is having a recipe exchange get together, so I have to make some for it. It'll be nice to see some of my MCS pals. I miss them. I have no clue what I'm doing for New Year's yet. Looking back at this year, a lot of things were very unexpected. I never thought I'd fall in love anytime soon. Crazy how things happen. How one moment changes your life forever... but I must say...

It's definately been a great year.
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